Organisations in the Snowy Monaro Regional Council Booking System


Organisations are a type of user that contain company information and are capable of being represented by numerous individual users. This way an organisation can have multiple people manage bookings rather than a single individual. Different users can be assigned different levels of permissions to work on behalf of the organisation.

For further information, follow these links:

Joining or Creating an Organisation

You may click My Account and then My Organisations to begin joining or creating an organisation.

  • If you want to join an organisation, follow the guide with this link

  • If you want to create an organisation, follow the guide with this link

Booking on Behalf of an Organisation

  1. Begin the booking process by creating a booking

  2. In the Type of Applicant section, click the toggle to generate a dropdown of organisations

  3. Select the Organisation you want to book on behalf of from the dropdown
    Note: This will only contain organisations you are a member of

Viewing and Accessing your Organisations

  • Click My Account



  • You will be redirected to your profile and can see the list of the organisations you are a part of

    • For a more detailed list, you can go to My Organisations

  • You can click on an organisation to go to the Organisation Profile and view details or manage members

  • In this section, you can also see your status within the organisation

    • Whether you have applied, have been confirmed as a member or suspended